Ode to Memories

“Ode to Memories”

By: Brian Wells

I dreamed upon the mountains,
and laid in the forests to count the stars.
I sat by the campfire, watching, waiting,
and yet never found that which I sought.

I stood on the beach,
and let the waves roll in over my feet.
I saw the sand in its infinite granules,
and marveled at the rocks and shells
brought forth from the ocean.
Yet their marvel fell short.

I stared at the clouds
in their silken white forms,
and imagined seeing all of Earth’s creatures.
I saw shapes and lines,
and heroes of the past as my mind wandered
racing cloud to cloud.
But I still did not see that which mattered most.

I looked into my heart
and found the joy that so eluded me.
The memories and connections I hold dear.
The laughs and fun I treasure.
The wonder of possibility.

I looked into my heart
and I found



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  1. This is so lovely 🙂

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