The Cardiology Anthem

By: Brian Wells

Bump on the page
P wave!
Spike going up

T wave, T wave,
what the hell?
There’s one too many T waves,
this ringing some bells?

I’m living the cardio life
don’t be hatin’ my style
got echos to read, patients to see
places to be, you want to feed off my tree of knowledge?

Best get in line. Want to learn regurge?
Maybe I’ll have the time for you,
I’ll sit, I’ll dish, I’ll spill
we can talk about drugs, both IV and pill.

Losartan, Zocor, Lopressor, Lotrel
Coreg, Cardizem, Cozaar works well
for your pressure, your heart, we won’t let it fail
we’ll check your history, your personal clinical tale
that guides us to your problems,
your individual needs.
Hook you up to some leads so we can get your EKG.

Congrats, it’s normal! No need to feel frail.
Now come back in two months
and until then: Feel well!

Cardio life for realz, yo.

Later, gotsta to check out that V tach. Peace!

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