A Changing Nation

President Obama

Today has the potential to be a great day for the United States of America. By day’s end, we should have health care reform, a goal that has taken decades, several presidencies, and wasted trillions of taxpayer dollars due to delays. The time is now. The moment is now. Our leaders have but to step forward and act for the American people to continue the dream of this nation and to fulfill our nation’s promise. We have bent, but we have not broken. By this time tomorrow, we shall have created a new contract with America that, while unpopular with some, will stand the test of time and be looked back on with wisdom by future generations.

The time to act has finally come at last.

Congress: The American people need you.


Is it over yet?

I haven’t written here in a long time so here goes. I’m still sitting around reading for USMLE in a couple weeks. That pre-studying trip to Europe was awesome and I could certainly go for another one. Amsterdam, Paris, Bruges, Ieper, Poperinge, Brussels, Cologne and Frankfurt were all great. It would be a toss up between Bruges and Amsterdam for my favorite city, though I’d lean toward Bruges.

I have a couple ideas for some funny, informative, cutting edge articles but those will have to wait until after Step 1. Anyways, back to reading, practice questions, more reading, thoughts of jumping off a bridge somewhere…

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