Top iPad App Recommendations

I often get asked what apps are most useful for the iPad. So, I’ve decided to post a list here. Without further introduction, here’s the list (in no particular order):

EDIT: I’m pressed for time right now, but I’ll add a link and summary for each later.


Flash finally comes to the iOS platform

Apple and Adobe have fought like two kids in the playground for years. Adobe wants Flash on iOS and Steve Jobs says Flash is inherently too battery hungry and insecure. Well, if a recent post on Adobe’s website is any indication, they have found a solution that will please everyone. Continue reading

How to Stream Movies from your Mac/PC to your iPad or iPhone

The thing about the iPad is that it’s an amazing device… if you know how to take advantage of it. For example, I was chatting with an attending at the hospital about the iPad and he said he thought it “sucked” because he was unable to do some things he wanted with it. It turned out he just didn’t know how and, after explaining the functions, he couldn’t be happier with it.

Apart from the incredible medical software available for the iPad, one of the other remarkable features of the iPad is all the available video and entertainment software. Apple’s advertising goes something along the lines of “you get one device and 200,000 possibilities” (or maybe I just thought that, I don’t know). One of those possibilities is to open your iPad up to streaming video. That’s right – movies that resides on your computer can be watched on your iPad without needed to copy anything to your device and use up space. Now that you know where we’re going in this article, let me introduce you to Air Video. Continue reading

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