Nights of Talent

It is easy for one to marvel at the grandeur of New York City, the world-class plays of Broadway, the gourmet restaurants of 57th Street, the dazzling spectacle that is Times Square. However, few may realize that an incredible scene lurks just beneath the surface of what is the common New York experience. I’m speaking, of course, of the local art scene.

Much to my benefit, I happen to have befriended one such artist a number of years ago and had the privilege to attend an exhibition of her and other artist’s work. The pieces I had the privilege to see that night were extraordinary. Continue reading

NYC Village Halloween Parade 2010

Filming Location

Now for a post on the lighter side – On 10/31/2010, I had a chance to go and watch the NYC Halloween Parade. Although it was quite cold, the parade itself was a lot of fun to watch with great music, creative costumes and well-rehearsed dance routines including a rendition of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.


Now in its 38th year (2010), New York’s Village Halloween Parade is…

  • The nation’s largest public Halloween celebration
  • Named as The Greatest Event on Earth by Festivals International for October 31
  • Attended by over 2 million people, seen by over 1 million on TV
  • The nation’s only major night Parade
  • Listed as one of the 100 Things to do Before You Die
  • More Information

Here are a few highlights from the 2010 Parade: Continue reading

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