jLauncher Reimagines iOS Multitasking

A new jailbreak tweak on the scene is called jLauncher and it dramatically reimagines what iOS multitasking can be. While the original iOS multitasking allows the user to quickly swap between programs, jLauncher adds a clock, music, sound, and brightness controls all to one page.

After downloading the program from Cydia, the user is able to assign an Activator action to jLauncher. This can be as easy as a double-press or triple-press of the home button, a swipe left on the status bar, or anything the user chooses.

Once opened, jLauncher occupies the screen. Open apps are displayed on the right, the clock at the top, and music, sound, and brightness controls beneath that. Very convenient.

However, as of now, it is not possible to enter “wiggly mode” from jLauncher. While this is a minor drawback, I would imagine it’s only a matter of time before the developer adds this feature.

jLauncher is available now in the Cydia Store for $1.99, via the BigBoss repository.

Supercharge the iPhone/iPad springboard with DashboardX

Dashboard widgets are a feature that Android has enjoyed for a while. And why not? They’re a great idea, and they add tremendous functionality to the screen. DashboardX is a jailbreak tweak that bring this functionality to your iOS device. In fact, DashboardX allows you to use your Notification Center widgets either on a separate dashboard, or on the home screen among your application icons to brighten up the boring home screen. Continue reading

Top 30 Jailbreak Tweaks Of 2011 For Your iPhone

Original Post – http://cydiahelp.com/top-30-jailbreak-tweaks-of-2011-for-your-iphone-video/

Everyone loves Jailbreak Tweaks for his iPhone, and we showed you too many of them, but this time we would like to introduce the top and the best 30 jailbreak tweaks of 2011 for your iPhone that really everyone must have them on their device. The following list contains some paid tweaks and others free, let’s check out what are they after the jump.

Here’s the list:

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