Supercharge the iPhone/iPad springboard with DashboardX

Dashboard widgets are a feature that Android has enjoyed for a while. And why not? They’re a great idea, and they add tremendous functionality to the screen. DashboardX is a jailbreak tweak that bring this functionality to your iOS device. In fact, DashboardX allows you to use your Notification Center widgets either on a separate dashboard, or on the home screen among your application icons to brighten up the boring home screen.

Dashboard X gives you the ability to add Notification Center widgets directly to the home screen among your application icons. The widgets do not interfere with the placement of the application icons, nor vice versa. Even though they don’t interfere with each other, they will layer over each other, meaning that it’s a good idea to rearrange the icons so they are away from the widgets. You can rearrange and delete widgets from the home screen exactly the way you do with application icons, holding down on them to enter jiggle mode, dragging them around, or even tapping on the black X button to remove them.

You can also use widgets in a dashboard-like interface, which will be separate from your Notification Center. The developer included this feature so he could dedicate Notification Center to notifications only and then have his widgets in a place away from the notifications to reduce the crowdedness.

Dashboard X also has the ability to disable widgets from Notification Center, however they will still remain visible in the dashboard or on the home screen. This is how you can avoid having widgets in Notification Center (dedicating it to notifications only) and keep notifications as the standalone content of Notification Center.

After installing Dashboard X, you will find a preferences pane in the Settings application. From within these options, you can enable and disable widgets from Dashboard X and also choose editing modes, dismissal methods, and Activator actions. The first few settings are involved with the home screen widgets and the bottom section is associated with the dashboard section of the tweak.

The only people that will find Dashboard X useful are those that like to take advantage of iOS’ widget abilities. Since Dashboard X relies on the beauty of iOS’ widgets to use its functionality, if you don’t use the widgets that often then you probably won’t want Dashboard X. Dashboard X does not slow down the home screen and the animations resemble that of Mac OS X’s dashboard. The animations are very smooth and look native to iOS. Since the dashboard has a transparent background, you will always be able to see what you were doing right behind the widgets. The best part is that Dashboard X works with several third party widgets from Cydia (almost all of them). Apart from those, there will also be some Dashboard X-exclusive widgets. [Article quotations]

Video of DashboardX

Some excellent widgets for DashboardX:

  1. HomeSpringPage is a powerful widget introduced by iDownloadblog, it allows jailbreakers to create a new Home screen page, which is reserved specifically for Dashboard X widgets. There are no options or settings to configure with HomeSpringPage. After installation, you’ll notice a new first page on your Springboard that’s completely devoid of any app icons. You can however still add app icons to the first page if you choose to do so.
  2. NCSettings – NCSettings is a notification centre toggle widget that allows quick access to all essential settings. All basic toggles are included: Wi-Fi, Volume, Brightness, Orientation Lock, Location Services, Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, and Respring.
  3. Dashtweet – Dashtweet, as its name suggests, is a Twitter widget that allows you to tweet directly from your Home screen. You can now get it for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repo.
  4. WeeKillBackground Pro – This new tweak gives you the option to directly kill all running apps from your Notification Center. Simply download the WeeKillBackground tweak from Cydia, enable it through the, and then tap the “Tap to kill all Apps” button. The tweak will then automatically close all your running apps.
  5. Calendar – The calendar function of any mobile device is by far one of the most useful and most used but sometimes having to go through the native calendar application is just time consuming. The Calendar widget is an attractive, simple and engaging option for those who want quick access to their schedule through Notification Center or Dashboard X.
  6. SlyCam – This tweak will allow you to take pictures through your Notification Center.  This is a simple button to take a picture if you are hiding it or just being plain “sly”.
  7. WeeSearch – WeeSearch Pro is another tweak for iOS 5 which is available on Cydia so you need to have a jailbreak device to get this application installed. WeeSearch Pro allows you to search Google, Google image, wikipedia, youtube, amazon, yahoo, ebay and more without having to open safari.

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