IBM’s new chip – a silicon brain

While not strictly medicine, this technology has vast implications for health care. Real-time artificial intelligence analysis of lab and clinical data will become a reality.

“The chip, or processor, is named TrueNorth and was developed by researchers at IBM and detailed in an article published on Thursday in the journal Science. It tries to mimic the way brains recognize patterns, relying on densely interconnected webs of transistors similar to the brain’s neural networks.

“The TrueNorth chip is like the first transistor,” said Terrence J. Sejnowski, director of the Salk Institute’s Computational Neurobiology Laboratory.

Ring-enhancing Lesions

Psychiatric Neuroimaging

These are the slides that go along with a talk I gave recently on psychiatric neuroimaging. It will probably be most interesting to medicine people since it requires some understanding of the brain’s function and neuroanatomy but I think it’s at the level where most anyone could get something out of it.

This presentation talks about why neuroimaging is important, diagnosis of mental illness, DSM-V v. DSM-IV TR and applications of neuroimaging to schizotypal personality disorder, schizophrenia, PTSD and bipolar disorder.

Anyway, if this is your thing – enjoy!

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