Decisions, Decisions

Exams are over, weekend fun is over and it’s time to get back to work. This time work includes selecting hospitals for 3rd year clinicals with the full knowledge that I may or may not get the site I want. Apparently, the assignment isn’t quite random if you have family ties to the area but other than that it’s… well, random is a good enough word.

So I’m doing what any good 2nd year student would do… asking a highly trusted 4th year friend for advice! After all, who better to comment on this than someone who has already been through it?

Hopefully, I’ll have the hospital picking done in the next day or so and I can go back to the waiting game to see if any of my picks end up being my preliminary placement. Exciting times! Knowing that I’ll be in the hospital in less than a year makes everything seem so much more real. I have a good feeling that the next couple years are going to be awesome!

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