Faking the GPS location on your iPhone

One of the best things about the iPhone, GPS, can also be one of the worst. A downfall to GPS is location aware apps that purposefully turn features off if you’re not within a certain range. FakeLocation is a cool tweak which will take the fake GPS location in whatever app you chose. One reason why you would do this is because of the black-out restrictions in the MLB or NBA apps as well as other. Suppose you want to watch baseball games at work, but they’re blacked out since the app looks at the GPS and sees that you are in the blackout zone. What would you do? 

For example, MLB’s At Bat app uses blackout zones. If you try to watch a live game while in an unauthorized “district range” you are blocked from watching it. Another downfall are apps that force you to use GPS and “post/broadcast” it without any option to turn it off. FakeLocation opens Google Maps and allows you to fake a GPS location.  Now you can watch sports with no regard as to what state you’re in, i.e. no more blackout zones!

That’s right. FakeLocation will allow you to bypass blackout restrictions for any sport app.

However, sports are not the end-all-be-all of why you might want to fake the location. There are many other reasons that one may like to spoof their device’s GPS data, such as:

  • Getting around location specific content and restrictions.
  • Creating a sense of security, knowing that your real location is never transmitted.
  • A fun tool to mess with friends and social networking apps that use location. (such as loopt, foursquare and facebook)
  • Any other reason you can think of to modify your location on earth.

To sweeten the deal, FakeLocation lets you choose which apps to always spoof the location and which to never spoof the location.

FakeLocation is available in Cydia for jailbroken devices.

3 Responses

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  2. Or you could just download this app on iPhone. Works great for me!

    • If you notice the app’s description, it only works with Facebook places. This does not help people affected by blackouts on sports apps, which is one of the advantages of my approach.

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