iPhone Top Jailbreak Apps Roundup – April 2011 Part 2

April 2011 is halfway over and it’s been an exciting time for new apps for the jailbroken iPhone. The jailbreak scene continues to grow and talented developers continue to find ways to make the iPhone better and better. The apps below are just a few of the reasons why the iPhone remains the #1 smartphone and why any iPhone owner should strongly consider jailbreaking their device.

If you need help with jailbreaking your device, check out the link to the below guide.

Jailbreak Information

Jailbreak Applications

  1. True HD – Free – This mod will enable your iPhone 4 to upload videos to YouTube, MobileMe and more in true HD (720p). Apple lets you upload to YouTube and Facebook and even though the option is there for “HD”, this is never the full 720p that your phone can take. This mod removes that cap from YouTube uploads as well as Facebook uploads. Facebook HD upload requires that you first save your video to your album and then upload. The result is an awesome video that your phone could do all along!
  2. YouTube to MP3 – Free – With YouTubetoMP3, you can convert and download your favorite YouTube music videos right to your iPhone or iPod. It saves as a high quality MP3 file. You can play the MP3 within the app or send it to your PC or Mac via email.
  3. DisplayOut – $3.99 – Mirrors the screen on a projector, monitor or TV. Detects orientation and connectivity. Supports games and video.
  4. DisplayRecorder – $4.99 – Records your screen content directly to high quality AVI files. It also has a web interface for video sharing, can upload videos directly to YouTube, integrates with Activator and allows remote control of the device via the web interface.
  5. iKeyGuard Key Logger – $9.99 + free trial – Currently the only key logger for the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. Transparent and works in every application. It is optimized to use very little CPU. ***WARNING: LOGGING OTHER PEOPLE WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION MAY BE ILLEGAL IN YOUR COUNTRY!***
  6. Emulators
  1. NES.emu – $5.99 – NES/Famicon emulator based on FCEUX. It claims to be significantly more accurate than previous NES emulators for iOS, such as NES 3, NES4iPhone and NES A.D.X. It runs natively on the iPad. It supports ROMs in the .NES and .UNF formats.
  2. SNES – Emulator for SNES/Super Famicon based on SNES 9x 1.43 (SNES4iPhone and SNES A.D. both use SNES 9x commercially despite SNES 9x having a non-commercial license). SNES EX is completely free and without ads. It provides accurate emulation, full quality stereo sound and supports the .SMC format.
  3. PCE.emu – $3.99 – PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16 emulator based on Mednafen. Requires iOS 3.1+ and runs natively on the iPad. It supports Wiimotes with full wireless GUI control. Supports ZIP files, CD emulation via loading CUE or TOC+BIN files. Multiplayer-capable Wiimote + Classic controller and iControlPad support.

Well, that’s it for now! There are always great, new apps popping up in Cydia and the above apps are some of my favorite ones from the past month. These apps are all great reasons to jailbreak the iPhone and much thanks goes out to the Dev Team,Chronic DevComex and Geohot for their continued work in the jailbreak scene.

Thanks for reading and happy iPhone-ing!

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