9/11 Remembered

We will never forgive, and we will will never forget. Our enemies thought they could instill in us fear. We showed them strength and unity. Our enemies thought we would withdraw and retreat. We amplified our presence and came for them. Our enemies looked at America and thought they saw weakness. We brought to their doorstep retribution and defeat. Our enemies merely succeeded in awaking a sleeping giant, and they filled him with a terrible resolve.

Who are our enemies?

Our enemies are those who oppose freedom and liberty. Those who would bring destruction rather than progress. Those would would bring cruelty rather than kindness. Those who would pervert the ideals of peace to deliver the realities of war. It is those people who become the enemies of all who love freedom, not just in America but around the world. America may take a leading role in the struggle, but it does not struggle alone. And in the struggle for freedom, America will not falter, and it will not fail.

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