iPhone Top Jailbreak Apps Roundup – October 2011

Well, it’s a new month and it’s time for a new roundup of great apps for the jailbroken iPhone. The jailbreak scene continues to grow and talented developers continue to find ways to make the iPhone better and better. The apps below are just a few of the reasons why the iPhone remains the #1 smartphone and why any iPhone owner should strongly consider jailbreaking their device.

Jailbreak Information

Jailbreak Applications

  1. SBMusic – Simply put, SBMusic allows you to create icons on the springboard corresponding to iPod playlists.
  2. PowerSaver – A tweak that allows you to activate specific actions depending on how much battery you have remaining.
  3. QuickSafari – An activator-linked action that lets you load up a Safari search box from anywhere. After entering your search term, it loads Safari and runs the search.
  4. Gridtab – If you want to open tabs in grid layout (just like on iPad), on your jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch running iOS 4 or later version, GridTab for Safari is a new Cydia App for your service to do so. This new app is factually going to gin your mind and win your heart. We think that the users of this new ‘Gridtab for Safari’ will surely forget mobile safari as a native browser on their iPhone or iPod touch. The app lets you to open tabs in a grid layout while browsing on iPhone or ipod touch making your browsing experience more momentous and enjoyable.

Well, that’s it for now! There are always great, new apps popping up in Cydia and the above apps are some of my favorite ones from the past month. These apps are all great reasons to jailbreak the iPhone and much thanks goes out to the Dev Team and Chronic Dev for their continued work in the jailbreak scene.

Thanks for reading and happy iPhone-ing!

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