The Importance of Health Informatics


The below data details it fairly well…



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Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Introductory Statistics

Here are the slides to a talk I used to give on statistical analysis. Geared towards physician profiling and the analysis of practice patterns, this presentation explained ways of systematically examining practice data; however, the principles involved are just as applicable to clinical research as they are to health care management.

Special thanks to Dr. I. Alan Fein who significantly contributed to producing this presentation.

Intern Cards

Helpful information for new interns

Sample excerpt:


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BP in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease: Do the Usual Targets Apply?

Although these findings are observational and require confirmation in a randomized trial, they suggest that achieving ideal systolic blood pressure at the expense of low diastolic BP is not advantageous in adults with chronic kidney disease. While awaiting updated BP recommendations in forthcoming guideline revisions, clinicians should pay close attention to the diastolic pressure when treating systolic hypertension in these patients.

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ICU Survival Guide

Useful survival guide that I found online during intern year

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How to Read a Chest X-ray

Below is a brief tutorial on how to read a chest x-ray

Ring-enhancing Lesions

Medical Clearance How-To

ACC/AHA Preoperative screening guidelines

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