Review of Brain Tutor HD for the Apple iPad

I have reviewed this iPhone medical application for

The full review can be read below on this site or here at iMedicalApps:

Brain Tutor HD for the Apple iPad

By Brian Wells, MS-3, MSM, MPH

Few areas of medical science remain as wondrous and mysterious as that of neurology. Indeed, I remember not so long ago sitting in a study hall with a book on neuroanatomy and a collection of class notes and pages printed from various sites on the Internet, often staring off into the field outside the study hall as I tried to visualize in three dimensions the two dimensional diagrams about which I was learning. Of course, there were models of the brain and numerous MRIs and CTs to examine but nothing which elegantly combined the information with the images, transforming 2D slice to 3D realism. This is the goal which Brain Tutor HD seeks to achieve. Continue reading

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