Is YOUR Graduate Medical Education (GME) Failing? Point & Counter Point

Graduate medical education  has changed a lot in the last 20 years.

Whether its Internal Medicine, Surgery, Psychiatry or any of the other fields, the world of residency isn’t what it used to be. As we continue to look to reform and innovate to improve your education, there’s tons of debate out there if we’re heading in the right direction.

In fact, this debate to me has become the classic “Old School” vs “New School” type of debate.

If you’re currently in any form of residency or fellowship training, I’m curious about your opinion.

As a trainee, you have the most stake in this debate.

Recently, I’ve read 2 blog posts that make compelling arguments. Take a look and tell the world what you think.


Why Graduate Medical Education is Failing

Counterpoint: Why Graduate Medical Education will be fine



From Good to GREAT

Stony Brook Internal Medicine Peer Mentoring Program

So this afternoon, I get the distinct pleasure of being part of a new project here at Stony Brook Internal Medicine.

Under the direction of our wonderful associate Program director Dr. Rachel Wong, we have started a peer mentoring program in our residency program. Along with one of our chief resident’s Dr. Ali Sheikh, this afternoon we will continue this very cool project.

Mentoring is a broad concept, and everyone has different ideas about it. Today’s workshop will go into some very specific elements of mentoring such as “Mission Statements”, “Personal Networking Maps” ” Peer Check-ins, ” and more.

As a physician and especially as a young trainee, I may walk into this asking, what is this really about? Is this useful? It’s not about diseases, it’s not about evidence based medicines, it’s not about diagnostic tests or the latest drug developments, it’s not about patient care.  So what’s the point of committing 3 hours of potentially valuable resident time to such a project?

Well, when I take a step back and look at this, the program to me is about 1 thing.


It’s about going from Good to Great. Continue reading

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