iPhone Jailbreak Top Apps Roundup – March 2011

Well, it’s a new month and it’s time for a new roundup of great apps for the jailbroken iPhone. The jailbreak scene continues to grow and talented developers continue to find ways to make the iPhone better and better. The apps below are just a few of the reasons why the iPhone remains the #1 smartphone and why any iPhone owner should strongly consider jailbreaking their device.

For those of you on iOS 4.2.1, an untethered jailbreak is now available via Greenpois0n. Mirrors are available at http://mirrors.ih8sn0w.com/ and http://claytonbraasch.com/greenpois0n/. Happy jailbreaking!

  1. iSocialShare – Simply put, iSocialShare lets you share photos on social networking site directly from the camera roll without the need for other apps. By default, the native camera roll on the iPhone and iPod Touch only allow sharing of pictures via email and MMS. This tweak adds Facebook and Twitter sharing options  right into the native app.
  2. Page2D – Page2D adds a second dimension to the springboard pages. Instead of just scrolling horizontally, this tweak lets you scroll vertically as well. The app lets you set the number of columns, the page icon alignment and whether the page icons should appear.
  3. FBPhotoSave – FBPhotoSave lets you save Facebook photos directly to the camera roll. To use, simply hold your finger on a Facebook photo. When you release your finger, you’ll be prompted to save. If you agree, the image will be saved to the camera roll. I don’t think it could get any easier.
  4. Mail Enhancer – Mail Enhancer gives you an incredible amount of options that Apple did not include with the iPhone. You can now have custom, HTML email signatures, changing signatures, custom notifications with sound, vibration, speech or popup. The ‘sound’ option is by far the most intriguing, as it allows you to assign iTunes ringtones as incoming mail notifications. Mail Enhancer is smart enough that it automatically recognizes which email addresses you have configured on your iPhone, and will assign each signature accordingly. To top all of that off, Mail Enhancer will even recognize HTML code placed into the body of your email, and prompt you on whether of not you wish convert that email to HTML format. Impressive.

Well, that’s it for now! There are always great, new apps popping up in Cydia and the above apps are some of my favorite ones from the past month. These apps are all great reasons to jailbreak the iPhone and much thanks goes out to the Dev Team, Chronic Dev and Geohot for their continued work in the jailbreak scene.

Thanks for reading and happy iPhone-ing!

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