iPhone Top Jailbreak Apps Roundup – May 2011

Well, it’s a new month and it’s time for a new roundup of great apps for the jailbroken iPhone. The jailbreak scene continues to grow and talented developers continue to find ways to make the iPhone better and better. The apps below are just a few of the reasons why the iPhone remains the #1 smartphone and why any iPhone owner should strongly consider jailbreaking their device.

Jailbreak Information

Jailbreak Applications

  1. Barrel – $2.99 – Barrel is a tweak that enable Springboard page transitions. Some of these effects are particularly cool, like 3D animation of the pages being on a cube, the icons scattering or the pages zooming in and out (my personal favorite). In terms of functionality, this doesn’t add anything to the iPhone other than the page transitions. That said, I think it adds a great set of animations to the iPhone and is definitely worth checking out.
  2. AskToCall – Free – This tweak is a truly great addition to the iPhone. Instead of calling immediately when you click on a name, such as in favorites, this tweak asks whether you want to call the person. It’s very nice to have that extra confirmation because it prevents accidental calling by pressing a name next to the one you meant to call.
  3. Debian Updater for SBSettings – Free – Another simple but great tweak. You can update Cydia at anytime with a SBSettings toggle without actually loading Cydia. This helps cut down on the load time for Cydia.
  4. Navigate from Maps – $1.99 – Adds a button to the maps application that links up with the TomTom application. It lets you instantly load a location into TomTom from the maps application and navigate there. Great for quick navigation when also using the simplicity of Apple’s Maps application.
  5. OSFaker – Free – Can make your iPhone interface look like Android or Windows Phone 7. Not all of the functions work or are as elegant as the real operating systems but it’s a neat touch to the iPhone, especially if you’re a fan of the look and feel of either Android or Windows Phone 7.

Well, that’s it for now! There are always great, new apps popping up in Cydia and the above apps are some of my favorite ones from the past month. These apps are all great reasons to jailbreak the iPhone and much thanks goes out to the Dev TeamChronic DevComex and Geohot for their continued work in the jailbreak scene.

Thanks for reading and happy iPhone-ing!

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