The iPad 2 jailbreak – How necessary is it?

I think anyone would be hard pressed to claim that the iPad 2 is not a solid tablet. I’ve had mine for a few weeks now and I find it noticeably faster and better than the original iPad. However, one thing the iPad 2 lacks is a jailbreak. Sure, all the big hackers are working on the jailbreak but so far no one has succeeded.

The funny thing is, though, I’m really not missing it.

The iPhone unquestioningly needs the jailbreak to truly be a useful device. I couldn’t imagine using the iPhone without SBSettings, biteSMS, Multiflow, or any of the other great jailbreak programs. But the iPad 2 is different.

Even as a stock device, the iPad 2 is capable and does most everything I need it to do. I can give presentations with it using Keynote, I can read PDFs and Word documents with Goodreader, I can watch streaming video with Netflix. I rarely find the need for quick function switching as is allowed with SBSettings. I don’t text with my iPad. The built-in multitasking has proven more than sufficient.

The iOS supports folders in its current version with up to 20 apps per folder (more than enough for what I need). In fact, many of the great features in Apple’s iOS started out as downloads from Cydia.

While I have no doubt that the hacker groups will figure out how to dump the A5 bootrom, reverse engineer it and develop a low-level expliot, I’m finding I can live with the iPad 2 as is. Sure, once a jailbreak becomes available, I’ll jailbreak my device. And I’ll greatly enjoy jailbreaking my iPhone 5 thanks to the hard work of these really bright guys. For now, though, I’m fine with just a “stock” device.

So do you miss the jailbreak for the iPad 2? Or are you happy with the device as is?

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