iPhone Top Jailbreak Apps Roundup – August 2011

Well, it’s a new month and it’s time for a new roundup of great apps for the jailbroken iPhone. The jailbreak scene continues to grow and talented developers continue to find ways to make the iPhone better and better. The apps below are just a few of the reasons why the iPhone remains the #1 smartphone and why any iPhone owner should strongly consider jailbreaking their device.

Jailbreak Information

Jailbreak Applications

  1. WifiSMS -Here’s a free jailbreak tweak that might actually convince you to jailbreak an iPhone handset. It’s called WiFiSMS, and once installed, this free package allows users to send SMS messages and interact with their SMS database from a desktop computer. Isn’t this the kind of thing you’ve been dreaming of for years?Once installed, the jailbreak tweak allows users to connect an iPhone to a computer via its Wi-Fi IP address. Once connected, users can view previous messages (including photos, videos and emoji icons) and send new SMS messages on a desktop computer. Furthermore, if you save the address in Safari as a bookmark, connecting to WiFiSMS can be done in seconds.There are obvious security risks here, however if you’re using a personal, encrypted Wi-Fi network (as opposed to an open, public network) you’ll be fine.

    The jailbreak tweak is currently available to download for free. In order to view the package in Cydia, simply search for “WiFiSMS.”

  2. Speed for Maps – The iOS built-in Maps app is considered by many as the most comprehensive and nicest-looking Google Maps client in a mobile device. Yet, it lacks a feature many had been yearning for ever since the iPhone was first introduced: a speedometer. Thankfully, now there’s Speed for Maps, a jailbreak tweak for all iPhones running iOS 4 and above that adds this functionality to the built-in Maps app. Its implementation is very subtle and requires no additional setup: the second it’s installed, it will simply display a speed indicator indicator on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen whenever the Maps app is launched, as you can tell from the image below.[From Remondpie]
  3. Safari Upload Enabler-One of the downsides to Safari for iOS is that the built-in, Apple-developed application doesn’t allow users to upload content from an iPhone to a website. Fortunately, a new jailbreak tweak called “Safari Upload Enabler” allows users to upload content from within Safari itself. The tweak can be downloaded in Cydia for $1.99.It’s already possible to upload content from within iOS applications (like pictures and videos). However, in Safari for iOS it’s not possible to upload files to a website featuring a big old “Upload” button. This is because Apple has blocked the ability to do this in the built-in Safari app. However, Safari Upload Enabler removes this block.Once installed, users can upload content to the Web from within Safari, via a new pop-up window. As noted by iDownloadBlog, this will only work provided users have loaded the desktop version of a website (the mobile Web version won’t work). Furthermore, the tweak isn’t compatible with iOS 4.1 and below.

    As mentioned, Safari Upload Enabler can be downloaded in Cydia for $1.99. Take a look at the tweak, and if you’re interested in downloading files via Safari instead, check out Safari Download Manager.

    [From AppAdvice]

Well, that’s it for now! There are always great, new apps popping up in Cydia and the above apps are some of my favorite ones from the past month. These apps are all great reasons to jailbreak the iPhone and much thanks goes out to the Dev Team, Chronic Dev, Comex and Geohot for their continued work in the jailbreak scene.

Thanks for reading and happy iPhone-ing!

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  1. great post. I downloaded WiFisms and speed for maps and love them to death so far haha


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